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Sawa IntelligenceLithium battery automation equipment manufacturer

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Sawa intelligence helps lithium battery industry enter a new era of intelligent manufacturing

Sawa intelligent focuses on the customized production service of lithium battery automatic production equipment and automatic production line. Sawa intelligent can tailor-made solutions for customers, improve the production efficiency of customers, and realize the comprehensive replacement and upgrading of automatic production equipment in lithium battery industry.

>17Years of industry experience��>8000�Oproduction base��>17Patent certificates��>1Monthly customized delivery
Sawa intelligence helps lithium battery industry enter a new era of intelligent manufacturing

Product CenterCustomized high standard equipment scheme for single equipment and whole production line

On the quality of equipmentthe functional requirements are fully covered and the operation efficiency is greatly improved

Sawa intelligence-Excellent performance

Excellent performance

  • high efficiencyWelding speed 0.5 s / timeImprovement of operation efficiency
  • More stableSpot welding of servo motorWelding stability, equipmentLong lasting
  • More secureMIYACHI/SAWA crystalPipe welding power supplyIt is not easy to spot burst and the solder joint is firm
  • More accuratePatent welding head, importedHigh precision of core accessories
  • Easy to maintainClear display on large touch screenIt is easy to operate and can be operated by workersEasy to master

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  • 01 / Problem TracingThrough the working condition software to scan the barcode, understand the spot welding data, trace the root cause of the problem, and facilitate the customer to trace the source of the problem
  • 02 / One click CalibrationIn view of the overall offset of the solder joint caused by changing the welding pin, one key calibration can be carried out to improve the spot welding efficiency
  • 03 / Automatic AlarmAlarm / stop functions such as abnormal clamping, no welding workpiece and no current are provided. Spot welding can be continued after the fault is cleared
  • 04 / Data StorageAfter scanning the bar code, open data collection and storage, docking MES data, file storage up to 99 groups, easy to call
Excellent performance

On the strength of enterprisesSawa intelligent insists on creating intelligent manufacturing brand for 17 years

Excellent R & D strength

By the hardware design, software design and other personnel constitute a deep technical team, scheme design and other considerations more comprehensive, improve the efficiency of operation

The proportion of R & D personnel is as high as 40%. It has won more than 17 technical patents and won the honorary titles of Jiangsu high-tech enterprise and software enterprise

Rich industry experience

With 17 years of industrial experience and more than 8000 m2 production and processing base, it integrates R & D, design, production, sales and service

It is widely involved in more than ten fields such as lithium battery and new energy vehicle, and provides customized service for lithium battery production and application equipment and production line

Stringent production standards

The core accessories are imported brands from Japan and Taiwan, and the welding process adopts servo motor and Japanese Miyaji welding power supply, which is stable in welding.

48 hours before leaving the factory, aging treatment is carried out continuously, and it is verified with customers, and has passed ISO14001 and ISO9001 international quality certification

Intimate service commitment

Real time communication with customers in assembly and debugging, acceptance and problem rectification with customers before shipment, saving time and ensuring factory quality.

24 hours real-time response, on-site operation training, technical guidance, provide equipment maintenance, fault analysis and troubleshooting and other emergency treatment methods.

Sawa intelligence - excellent R & D strength

Sawa intelligence - rich industry experience

Sawa intelligence - stringent production standards

Sawa intelligence - intimate service commitment

Cooperative customersThey jointly witness the development of Sawa intelligence

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About usFocus on the development of the industry, build an intelligent factory of lithium battery, march towards the era of industry 4.0

Suzhou Sava Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 8000 square meters, committed to various types of automation equipment and lithium battery automation equipment. Research and development, design and manufacture of battery spot welding machine, automatic battery sorting machine, visual inspection, automatic soldering machine, tooling and fixture and automatic lithium battery production line.

The company has an experienced design team. The team has many years of experience in battery pack, electronic product assembly automation equipment research and development, and can provide customized industrial automation solutions for customers. Our solution, based on the concept of lean production, combined with automation control technology, helps customers to achieve continuous improvement and continuously improve quality and efficiency.