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Lithium battery test equipment

Dimension: 1400mm*1600mm*1900mm

Power: 2000W(optional)

Weight: 600KG

Specification: 70V 10A 20A 

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Technical Parameters:

Power source

220V ±10%, power 2000W(Optional)

Measuring range



±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)

Charging range


Discharge range


Constant voltage cut-off current

Min 10mA

Discharge power


Inspection time


Timing range

0~999 hours/work step

Data logging interval


Charging mode

Constant current and constant voltage charging

Cut-off condition

Voltage, current, relative time, overcharge protection

Cycle measurement range

1~999 times

Number of steps in a single cycle



1. It can communicate with PC software through serial port.

2. In addition to the P+ and P- interfaces, the instrument also provides CH+ and CH-, which can test special finished batteries and charge and discharge them on one instrument.

3. All instruments can be controlled by using the network to communicate with PC software, ensuring the real-time and complete communication data.

4. The MYSQL database is used to save the data to ensure that the data will not be lost and provide the measurement data back-check function.

5. As long as the battery is in the test range, the battery can be charged, avoiding the problem that the charger can only charge a specific type of battery.

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