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Formation of power battery

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The battery cell is the key of power battery, and it is also a small unit of automobile power battery. Compared with soft package and square battery, cylindrical cell has the characteristics of high degree of standardization and better heat dissipation space. However, it can be directly used only when many cells are combined together, combined with protection circuit and protective shell. This is called a battery module.

A single cell needs to be strictly screened by a professional cell sorter. This kind of cell sorter is generally used to replace different cells of cylindrical battery (18650 26650 21700). It only needs to replace the test module, which can save cost and has strong versatility The cells with good consistency are assembled into modular battery modules according to the precise design, and the monitoring and management devices of single battery are installed. After the professional battery spot welding equipment, with the help of welding pins and nickel plates to form a battery module, it will enter the technological process of battery pack. First, assemble the required connector to the lower box, install the cooling system, install the corresponding module into the shell, connect the high and low voltage wiring harness, and fasten the upper cover; then conduct the sealing test of the cooling system and the box; after passing the final test of the battery pack, put it into the warehouse after passing the final test, and form the final power battery product.

In terms of lithium power battery industry chain, its upstream mainly includes various raw materials including lithium and cobalt, and the midstream includes cathode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolyte, diaphragm and battery cell manufacturing and pack packaging, and the downstream is new energy vehicles. Among them, the performance of power battery is directly determined by the cathode material.


According to the cathode materials, the power battery is generally divided into lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium ternary battery. Lithium iron phosphate battery has a low energy density, but a relatively high safety level, which is generally used in commercial buses; while ternary material power battery has higher energy density, which is generally used in passenger cars. In recent years, the requirements of subsidy policies on energy density have been continuously improved, and the market share of ternary material power batteries has been expanding. From January to September 2018, the cumulative sales of ternary batteries were 24.6 GWH, accounting for more than 50% of the total sales volume, reaching 53.9%.

Cell is the key of power battery, and also the smallest unit of automobile power battery. In addition to the difference of positive materials, the structure is also different. Generally, it can be divided into soft package, square and cylindrical cell. The three types of cells have obvious differences in shape and have their own characteristics. The cylindrical cell has the characteristics of high degree of standardization and good heat dissipation space. The square lithium battery cell can be customized according to the size of the product, but at the same time, it is difficult to unify the standard. The soft package lithium battery core is a liquid lithium-ion cell covered with a layer of polymer shell (aluminum plastic composite film), which has the characteristics of light weight and large capacity

f2edf74702974205aac5cca7c66da697_20.png The power battery products will be used in the use of new energy electric vehicles. At present, there are hybrid electric vehicles on the market. Compared with the previous fuel vehicles, they greatly reduce air pollution, reduce exhaust emissions in the air, and reduce an important part of haze. In the near future, new energy pure electric vehicles will gradually enter people's vision.    

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