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Single side automatic spot welding machine for energy storage battery

[external dimension] l: 1000mm, W: 960mm, H: 1600mm

[total power] 2000W

[total weight] 200kg

[driving mode] stepper motor + cylinder

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Product introduction

Scope of application: 18650 / 26650 power battery series and parallel combination, multi parallel multi series combination, power tool battery, torsion car battery (1 mold spot welding 6 groups), energy storage battery pack, 18650 battery pack, 26650 battery pack, 32650 battery pack, electric bicycle battery, solar street lamp battery, ternary lithium battery, digital lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, etc


Technical Parameter
Y axis stroke500mm(customizable)
X axis stroke400mm(customizable)
Z axis stroke50mm
Maximum spot welding speed0.8s/point
Motor transmission speed300mm/S
Stored number of file groups 99 groups
SystemEmbedded system man-machine interface
Transfer methodTaiwan Shangyin precision screw and guide rail
Way in and outSupport front in and front out
Drive wayStepper motor + cylinder
Spot welding drive modeCylinder drive
DataSupport CAD import/manual/array three methods
Y axis maximum load50KG
Gas source0.5-0.6Mpa
Input powerSingle-phase AC 220V/50Hz    Three-phase380V/50Hz
Spot welding methodHorizontal and vertical chuck switch [optional motor rotation]
Power Supply Configuration
SW-DMQD-5000AInverter DC SAWA SW-5000A
SW-DMQD-8000AInverter DC SAWA SW-8000A
SW-DMQD-6000ATransistor single wave SAWA SW-6000A
SW-DMQD-5000BTransistor double wave SAWA SW-5000B
SW-DMQD-10000ATransistor single wave SAWA SW-10000A
SW-DMQD-4000BTransistor double wave MIYACHI MDB-4000B
SW-DMQD-8000BTransistor single wave MIYACHI MDA-8000B
Product advantages

High efficiency

Welding running speed 0.4 seconds/time

Increased work efficiency

More stable

Servo motor spot welding

Stable welding, long-lasting equipment


MIYACHI/SAWA crystal and tube welding power supply

Not easy to burst, strong solder joints

More acurrate

Patent welding head

Imported core parts, high accuracy of the whole machine

Easy to maintain

Large touch screen for clear display

Convenient operation, workers can easily master

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