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Sawa IntelligenceLithium battery automation equipment manufacturer

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Semi-automatic power battery pack assembly line

Dimension: 10m*4m

Capacity: 1800pcs/hour

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Feeding the whole battery cell→ Put the bracket to the feeding flow line→The equipment automatically  sorts the cells→Automatically sort files according to set requirements→Automatically into the stent→Automatic cover→ Complete automatic flow out→ Manual assembly of nickel sheets→Automatic spot welding→Solder joint inspection→ Manually install PCB board→Automatic lock screw→Automatic soldering→Tin point inspection→Shell assembly→Automatic lock shell screw→Comprehensive testing of finished products→Laser coding→Package


A variety of general-purpose models can be flexibly switched, and equipment operation is fast and convenient; the entire production line greatly reduces labor costs, and can effectively control the quality of battery packs and guarantee the shipment volume



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